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Getting Well Interviews with Allied Professionals - Speaking with Aneesh de Vos about Trauma and Menopause

In this blog video, I interviewed a fellow trauma therapist Aneesh de Vos who specializes in Trauma and Menopause.  

Menopause and perimenopause have become subjects of wider talk in recent years (hallelujah!!), but very little is talked about the connection between trauma, particularly, childhood trauma and menopausal suffering. Yes, suffering!

In this interview, Aneesh talks about mimicking symptomology between reactions to trauma and menopausal changes and highlights the vast overlap between the symptoms. Night sweats (peri-, or menopause) and night sweats from having night terrors (reaction to a traumatic event). Anxiety, edginess, high alert (thank your menopausal hormones!), and anxiety because of experience of traumatic threats…

And the talk goes on - lack of energy, decreased productivity, feeling of failing, difficulty sleeping, and many more are all overlapping symptoms of trauma and menopause.




…If you are a perimenopausal or menopausal woman with added lived adversity, I believe you know what I mean about menopausal suffering. This video is certainly for you!

If you are a woman slowly heading toward this hormonal storm, it may already be on your mind how to approach this change when it comes. This video is for you!   

If you are a man who would like to understand your wife, partner, sister, mother, friend, or daughter more and offer them more support and compassion through their menopausal suffering, this video is for you!  

All and all, if you are a human interested in another human being’s experience, this video is for you!


Click below to watch.

Find Aneesh on LinkedIn

Look out for future video talks on self-compassion and healing while going through menopause.

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