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Meet Lenka

Certified Trauma, Person Centred and Online Counselling

I am an experienced psychotherapist with qualifications from the University of Warwick, the University of Nottingham, and the University of Chester.


I specialise in the fields of childhood trauma, domestic abuse and sexual violence.


My academic work focuses on the somatisation of trauma, or the physical manifestation of trauma-related psychological issues. In my experience as both a psychotherapist and as a researcher, I have found that our psychological experiences can cause significant changes to our physical wellbeing. Although the mind and body are often treated separately, it is my belief that the link between them is crucial to good health. 


In counselling sessions, I aim to work with the client as a whole person, focusing on the connections between body, brain and emotions. This holistic approach enables individuals to achieve a deeper understanding of their difficulties, a more regulated emotional life and overall better health.

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