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Counselling Services


Face to Face and Online Session

I am a fully qualified and experienced trauma psychotherapist. I offer face to face sessions, along with Online counselling for those who live further afield or for those who would prefer it. I am a trained online counselling specialist and have been awarded a Cyber Counselling qualification from the Online Therapy Institute. I can also provide confidential video, phone or IM sessions on a secure platform if required.


I can help you with:

- Attachment difficulties

- Trust issues

- Adverse experiences as a child or adult

- Relationship difficulties

- Domestic violence

- Interpersonal abuse

- Anxiety and social anxiety

- Self-esteem and self-belief

- Persistent negative thoughts

- Hypervigilance (the feeling of always being on alert)

- Somatisation of trauma (physical symptoms of psychological trauma)

- Post-traumatic stress disorder

Face to face counselling

Trauma Informed Counselling

Because our nervous system is shaped by our experiences, it can be regulated by them too. In the counselling process, I aim to help clients to recognise and understand their autonomic responses to thoughts, feelings and situations, so they can begin to re-shape their way of being. My aim is to help the client move away from a sense of simply ‘surviving’ life, to one of inner security and assurance. 


​Although post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most well-known conditions stemming from psychological trauma, it does not have to be the end of the story. By fostering a sense of safety, connection and free choice, psychotherapy can create the conditions for post-traumatic growth.

In our counselling sessions, I will aim to develop a trusting, confidential and safe space where you can say the ‘unsayable’ and open the ‘unopenable’ areas of your life. As an experienced counsellor, I appreciate that this journey may be challenging and emotional at times, but I am here to walk with you each step of the way. I will always aim to respect your values, beliefs and your culture.

I trust that the counselling I have described will support you as you move away from unmanageable hardship, towards a renewed life of clarity and peace.  

Trauma Counselling

Support for counselling agencies and organisations

I offer trauma workshops for all staff who are engaging with trauma survivors, this includes counsellors, support workers, IDVAs (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors), ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors), mental health workers and helpline workers. I can adjust my workshop to those with less or more experience to enrich current knowledge for everyone who takes a part.

Trauma workshops
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