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Getting Well Interviews with Allied Professionals - Speaking again with Angie Ash, (Functional Medicine Nutritionist) "Treating ME/CFS"

I met up again with Angie Ash, a functional medicine nutritionist expert, this time to talk about the connection between long-term stress, trauma, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). You may know CFS as previously called ME so I will refer to this condition as CFS/ME.

In this video, Angie explores how CFS/ME develops in people who experienced, or still experiencing levels of adversity and stress and the challenges and opportunities in treating this often debilitating condition.

Suppose you have struggled with long-term exhaustion, which does not go away even when you nourish your body with all the most important sleep, relaxation, and healthy nutrition. In that case, you might be experiencing chronic fatigue...

If you want to know more about CFS/ME and ways towards a better quality of life without debilitation and daily exhaustion, don't hesitate to watch the video below.

To contact Angie click here.

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