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An Unwell Body: Suppressed Emotions, Trauma, and Stress.

In this upcoming blog series, I am going to share with you how suppressing, holding back, or inhibiting your emotions may cause chronic illness and overall, a chronically unwell body.

Our mind and body are extensions of each other. Put simply, body and mind are one unit. In this blog series, I will talk about stress and trauma, what they are, and how they may manifest somatically (in the body) through ill health.

I will also explore how to release suppressed emotions, unresolved stress, and trauma and how to enjoy a lighter, healthier, and more peaceful life without carrying the weight of “emotional unfinished business”.

If you would like to understand your body more and learn to listen to what your body is telling you or what it is asking you for, then join me in my next blog posts.

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